Website Building

Somewhere inbetween different activities, it seemed necessary to keep a record.

Thinking this brought me to begin typing a blog, or an introductory post, or something similar, to define not only what this site is, but what the purposes of me making it are. The goal, is to establish a repository for different intersecting aspects of both my practice and my daily life. Merging finalised works with insights into how they came to be; a sort of public-diary meets a making-of documentary at the end of the final cut.

As a result, I have included several different categories on this site. They are divided, very artificially, into these limited sections because firstly, it helps me keep some sense of order in the soup. Secondly, because I am not a martyr of the alternative, and I very much intend to use this site to serve as a networking tool and portfolio.

Maria Baez Troin, Sitting by the Canal, 2022.

Making this site, comes after years of deliberate inactivity, deletion and rejection of social media. It has taken me some time to square that with myself, and I’m not entirely sure that I have.

If we believe contemporary curators, than the context in which we encounter art is as significant as the object encountered. In this sense, maybe the ability to curate not only the aesthetic, but the content and the ways in which it is navigated by the user gives a sense of creative agency in this website construction, over Instagram, for example. On the other hand, that feels like using a variety of network providers as proof of democracy. Cynically, there was the need to build a portfolio for personal and professional use. Idealistically, I wanted a space to be vulnerable and doubting, to test ideas in a kind of public realm. The reality, is somewhere between those two goals. This being said, having studied the carefully curated archive of Jorge Glusberg (founding member and curator/theorist of the CAyC) for years, I came to admire this form of temporal curation, situating content produced from past events, in the present, to be look on by those of the future.

Hopefully, in the long term, this site will become a rich depository of different media, relating to the space in-between personal and professional, if such a space can even still be marked out.

If not, it was a right waste of €40.

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