Who I Am…

Jye O’Sullivan

Beginning at the University of York, I completed my BA and MA in History of Art. In 2017 I began my PhD focused on intersections between art and cybernetics, largely looking at the work of the CAyC. Since, I have been focused on bio-art, queer theory, the post-natural and eco-ethics. These subjects guide my praxis working both lecturing at TUDublin and as a researcher for the European University of Technology.

I also enjoy writing poetry, for better or worse, and have done so for a solid decade now. The interest in the deconstructed sound of words also led me towards sound design. I am now a student in Audio and Music Production at BIMM Dublin and work in sound installation and soundscapes.

Over the coming years, my hope is to bring these fragmented aspects together, to explore their intersections and to put as much of myself into them as possible, whilst situating them in the problems of our moment.