• Defining the Metabiotic

    Defining the Metabiotic

    Bruce Clarke introduces the term metabiotic alongside his understanding of contemporary cybernetics as a category that bridges biotic and abiotic actors working in symbiosis. In this regard, it can be understood as a concretion of the ideas proposed by Gilles Deleuze y Félix Guattari in their seminal A Thousand Plateaus. From this understanding, the dichotomy constructed……

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  • Poem for the Mundane

    – To be read aloud – I raise my fingers to my brow to tug the threads of hair to the left where they habitually sit. All the while a 60hz hum sits silently behind the fridge, The floorboards move under my hardened souls and, I don’t hear the creak, Nor the squeak of the……

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  • Website Building

    Somewhere inbetween different activities, it seemed necessary to keep a record. Thinking this brought me to begin typing a blog, or an introductory post, or something similar, to define not only what this site is, but what the purposes of me making it are. The goal, is to establish a repository for different intersecting aspects……

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