Dr Jye O’Sullivan

Assistant Lecturer in History of Art – TUDublin

2019 – Present

Senior Research Assistant – European University of Technology & European Culture and Technology Laboratory

2021 – Present

Associate Lecturer in Visual Cultures – Pulse College



PhD: El Centro de Arte y Comunicación, 1968-1974: Tracking Artistic Engagements with Cybernetics

March 2017 – March 2022, Passed with Minor Corrections

College of Arts and Tourism Ph.D. Scholarship Award

Graduate School of Creative Arts & Media (GradCAM), Dublin School of Creative Arts, Technological University of Dublin.

Supervisors: Dr. Tim Stott, Dr. Niamh Ann Kelly, and Dr. Francis Halsall

MA – History of Art and Architecture: Specialization in Architectural Theory and History Studentship with of York Art Gallery

September 2014 – September 2015

Department of History of Art. The University of York, England. Thesis Supervisor: Dr Emanuele Lugli.

Thesis Title: Heterotopic Spaces in the Refurbishment of York Art Gallery.

BA – History of Art

September 2011 – September 2014

Department of History of Art. The University of York, England. Dissertation Supervisor: Dr Jane Hawkes.

Dissertation: Fractal Mathematics in The Book of Kells – An Interdisciplinary Methodology.

International Research Awards:

–       The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, September 2018:

  • One-month research grant at The Getty Research Institute to investigate their archival content on the El Centro de Arte y Comunicación.
    • Extensive multi-media archival exploration of never published material.

–       Universidad de las Artes, Guayaquil, June-September 2019:

  • Three month, Marie Skłodowska-Curie RISE funded secondment to UArtes as part of the Real Smart Cities network.
    • Lectured on Kubler, Focillon and non-linear art histories and decolonising art historical methodologies.
    • Public lectures on bio-art with Cristian Villavicencio.
    • Research into art, technology, and ecology.
    • Workshops on queer ecology in contemporary Latin American art.

–       Institut de Recherche et d’innovation, Paris, May-June 2022:

  • One month, Mari Sklodowska-Curie RISE funded secondment to IRI as part of the Real Smart Cities network.
    • Research and delivered workshops with the Compost Feminism group on re-futuring, ecological ethics and decolonized pedagogy. 

Conference Papers:

University of Leiden, Leiden International Short Film Experience: “Jeffery Shaw, Heidegger and Expanded Cinema”. September 2017.

University of Lisbon & Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (Lisbon), “Invisible Environments: Centro de Arte y Comunicación, Conceptual Art & Cybernetics”. October 2017.

GradCAM Research Pavilion, Venice Biennial. “Roundtable discussion with Grainne Coughlan and Art Way of Thinking” September 2017.

XXXVI International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Barcelona, Spain, Conventions Centre International. “Positioning Centro de Artes y Comunicación within a Global Art History of Engagements with Cybernetics”. May 2018.

SLSA 2019, Toronto. Panel: De-Centering Systems Aesthetics. Paper: “Metabiotic Art: The Systems Aesthetics of Luis F. Benedit “. November 2018.

CAA 2020, Chicago. Panel: Democracy and Disruption: Systems Theory and Conceptual Art in the long 1960s. Paper: The Formation of the Centro de Arte y Comunicación: A Forgotten Global Network of Systems Art.